by Chris Mohr, PHD RD // Rhone

Beer gut. COVID-30. Spare tire. Middle-age spread. Dad Bod.

The names above might make for eye-catching headlines, but the more we learn about belly fat, the greater the concern. And truth be told, whatever you want to call it, excess body fat can negatively impact your health and is the most dangerous.

It’s not the visible fat you can pinch though; it’s the dangerous fat is the fat surrounding our organs, which is called “visceral adiposity.” Visceral fat lies deep within the abdominal cavity, where it pads the spaces between abdominal organs. But…

by Chris Mohr, PHD RD // Rhone

Leaves are changing, pumpkin is, well, everywhere, and the temps are dropping. Fall is clearly in the air. You know what else October brings?

National Seafood Month. I know, probably not what you were expecting to hear. But since we’re here, let’s talk about seafood, why it should be part of your diet and a really simple but tasty way to make it a regular menu item.

First, seafood is one of the healthiest foods on the planet when balanced, of course, with other foods (veggies, grains — nothing new). …

by Matt Delgado, DC // Rhone

Dr. Roger Sperry, the Nobel Peace Prize award winner in Medicine from 1981, states that “Ninety percent of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.” This means that the brain uses most of its energy to keep the body balanced within gravity. When our posture becomes poor, the more energy the brain has to use on posture. This means there is less energy available for things like thinking, metabolizing food, or our immune system, to name a few.

As a chiropractor, one of the most common…

By Performance PT // Rhone

Who hasn’t spent countless hours on a foam roller or lacrosse ball trying to get rid of those pesky “knots” in a muscle? Putting ourselves through pain before, during, or after our workouts, and for what? Why are we even doing it? Is it because we saw someone else do it? Is it because someone told us to do it? Is it because we saw it on Instagram or some other social media platform and thought this a good reference for my own pain management?

To understand how to properly relieve pain, you must understand…

by Rhone Co-Founder and CEO Nate Checketts

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Before you ask, no, I did not break up with my life partner of almost 16 years over social media.

But I did, at least momentarily, take an extended break from social media in my life. What I learned in the process, in some cases, surprised me and in others did not. To the extent that it is helpful, here is the why, the how, the result, and the next of my social media breakup.


Like many, during the middle of the pandemic, I realized I had shifted my screen consumption…

I have heard from my friends that during Christmas they never know what kinds of gifts to give to their fathers. This was never an issue for me.

My dad only wanted one thing at Christmas: a poem. He would urge us to memorize a poem, usually of his choosing, that we would stand and deliver on Christmas Day. I have very fond memories of staying up late on Christmas Eve and cramming lines of “Hamlet’s Soliloquy” and “The Road Not Taken” into my mind. …

What is online training? It’s a term that’s being tossed around a lot in the fitness industry lately. With the increase in technology and the explosion of social media, everything is being offered online, including fitness. With the evolution of online training, online instruction has never been easier to access. However, it comes with the good and the bad. We took a look at some of the ways to intake fitness offered online, as well as the pros and cons for both the client and the instructor. Here’s what we discovered.

Live Video Training

What: Real-time personal training through an…

“The man who can dominate a London dinner table can dominate the world.” Oscar Wilde

There is a widely understood joke that those who have completed a study abroad program never actually stop talking about it. While I certainly think any sweeping judgment about an entire group of people is misguided, this one does seem to hold up.

In any sense, it would also be a mistake that just because you once spent some time in London that a return trip would be a waste of time. London is a city of deep history and tradition but just like any…

It’s not every day you see something miraculous, but for Jack Fusco, looking at the night sky is just that. Jack specializes in astrophotography, or in simpler terms, he is really great at taking pictures of the night sky. We sat down with the talented photographer to hear more about his life, how he got his start, and what inspires him.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


Toms River, NJ

How did you first…

Work travel can disrupt our training programs by taking us out of our daily routines and forcing us to adapt to new constraints. Flights and packed on-the-ground schedules can contribute to incremental timing pressures, and the unpredictability of our accommodations can leave us without access to the equipment that we typically enjoy. Absent an action plan, these two factors can conspire against us and undermine our ability to remain consistent over time.

For me, this action plan takes the form of readily-available training options that obviate the need to devote additional time to planning or improvising my workouts. Over the…

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